Property Investing 20 Point Criteria

Essential Property Statistics

Australian Property Investor Planning 20 Point Property Criteria requires every building development to undergo the closest scrutiny.

The motivation behind an investment property is to buy an income-producing asset to provide you with an ongoing income stream, rental income, tax deductions and ultimately a significant increase in your ‘net worth’ [capital growth]. That’s why there’s no room to get emotional. Forget about how ‘lovely’ the property looks, your main concern is the bottom line: how much it will cost you and how much it can make.

Savvy investors don’t buy a property around the corner and hope it brings good returns. They do their research and buy where the potential is greatest….
Investing in real estate requires a complete understanding of investment strategies and property, you also need knowledge of the property market that you wish to buy into.

In order to pass the test, each project must qualify 100% in each of the following:

  1. It must be new to qualify for full depreciation allowance.
  2. Highest growth area.
  3. Preference for brick and tile.
  4. Excellent transport facilities and close to schools.
  5. Good valuation.
  6. Spacious in area, inside and out.
  7. Approved by Banks and Insurance Companies.
  8. Low maintenance building and grounds.
  9. High capital growth potential.
  10. Highest building standards.
  11. Close proximity to shopping centres.
  12. Highest negative gearing advantage.
  13. Reputable property consultant.
  14. Reliable property management.
  15. Close proximity to major city.
  16. High employment area.
  17. In high demand by letting agents.
  18. Correctly structured finance.
  19. Pleasing landscape setting.
  20. High standard of project security and maintenance.
Essential Property Statistics


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