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Residential Real Estate Investing

Financial independence through Real Estate investment is not a matter of good luck, it is achieved through the systematic application of a sound, goal oriented, financial plan.

This includes an overview & Personalised Assessment to give you an idea of the alternatives available to make Property selection much more straight forward.

Financial & Accounting Consultation
Mortgage Reduction
Taxation Minimisation
Financial Analysis
Property Appraisal
Assessment of Properties
Infrastructure and Demographics
Comparative Real Estate Values

The Goal being a Well Informed Decision

Residential property will go through cycles, these cycles are unpredictable and can last anywhere between 7 to 15 years. When it comes to investing in property, Australian Property Investor Planning evaluates whether your proposed property will fit with your financial goals. As an investor, we make sure you’ve set up the correct loan structures to ensure your on the right track.

We don’t just offer innovative property investment strategies, greater flexibility and understanding, but actually work with you to structure your investment property finances and property management for the best long term bottom-line result – not just the best rate.

Experience + Knowledge = Results


Skilled in finding and negotiating undervalued properties, equating to higher returns for our investors.
Expertise in all areas of residential and commercial property.
Investors profit from our unique understanding of the property market and trends throughout Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Perth.

Brilliant Strategies to Explode Your Wealth Through Australian Property Investment

Did you know that 78% of property investors only attain one property? Of those, 30% sell within 5 years!

Why is it that a few investors make millions and retire with 10 plus properties in a few short years but the majority give up on further property investment?

Explore our website to discover how you can join the few and enjoy their lifestyle by retiring independently wealthy.

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Whether you are just starting out, buying your first property or growing your portfolio, property is what we know and we are ready to help.

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Property Investor Planning

Australian Property Investor Planning is a property investment company specialising in helping investors to buy new real estate in Australian capital cities.